Phang Nga Bay

The two of the most popular spots are James Bond(Phang Nga Bay) island and Panyi island. The islands are North of the Andaman Sea. The quiet beaches that dot the bay, its limestone cliffs and the many hidden realms of unspoiled flora and fauna make Phang-Nga an unforgettable destination.
Gaining international fame for the James Bond Movies, Phang Nga Bay with its striking limestone karst formations that juts dramatically out of the sea. Its unusual shape making it one of Thailand's most recognizable natural landmarks.

Visitors can reach the island by boat tours, marveling at its unique geology and the surrounding emerald waters. While you can't climb the actual Koh tapu, you can explore the nearby Koh Ping Ghan, which offers great viewpoints and small caves to discover.

Panyi island on the other hand the floating marvel is a village and a sight to see. Built entirely on stilts over the shallow waters, it is an adaptability to the human integrity. The island offers a glimpse into a unique way of life. Visitors can wonder the shops seeming to float on the water, with a golden-domed mosque as the centerpiece.

the natural splendor of both islands is a creative itinerary to have while on vacation in Phuket. From towering limestone cliffs, to floating houses, and markets. You can enjoy these islands and your pristine vacation in Phuket, Thailand.

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